Hunting Becomes a Fulfilled Sport with Best Rangefinder for Hunting

Archers and hunters who want to make their shots count need to know the range perfectly. If you want to precise with the range of your hunts, then using the best rangefinder for hunting becomes quite crucial and essential.

Archers and hunters always want to have the great shot and it all starts with consistency. People work harder to be stable and consistent with their bow and rifle and ensure to make each shot reputable. So, if you also want to make each shot reputable, then ensure to figure range into the equation and this can be done easily with the Top Rated Rangefinders.

It not required that you always need to act like a sniper, but if you really want to achieve the best results, then it all starts with data which you collect using the Best Rangefinder for Hunting. Matching the quality scope to Best Rangefinder for Long Range Shooting gives you the ultimate platform to start for excellence.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Best Rangefinder for Hunting

Best Rangefinder for Hunting Reviews

1. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

1. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting

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Our Star Rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

If you the speed hunting fan and looking for an efficient and best rangefinder for your hunting needs, then TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder is the best choice for you. This rangefinder is mainly known for its accuracy in laser range measurement. The rangefinder comes with laser technology and its laser range is within +/- 1 yard up to 500 yards which makes it the best rangefinder for long-range hunting.

The magnification of the rangefinder is always the best in comparison to archery rangefinders and it offers ultraclear visual performance which helps you to enjoy fingertip operation. It offers faster scanning which is the prominent feature of this rangefinder. It has a powerful scanning capacity of the area.

The rangefinder comes with an objective lens of 24mm and has 4 × magnification capacities and this makes the topper in the list of the rangefinder. It is very light in weight and this makes it easier for hunters to carry it with them. It has a comfortable wrist strap which you can use to attach the rangefinder on your wrists comfortably. The body of the rangefinder is dust and water-resistant.

This is the excellent rangefinder for hunters which are very durable and affordable in rates. It is of marginal use for a hunter, but it will prove to be a fun addition for any rangefinder.


  • Lightweight mode and compact in size
  • Easy to carry and comes with wrist strap
  • Offers accurate scanning


  • Lacking in night mode

2. Gogogo Sport Hunting Rangefinder

2. Gogogo Sport Hunting

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Our Star Rating:4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

Another great rangefinder with laser technology is Gogogo Sport Hunting Rangefinder which comes with class 1 905mm laser type lens and has a capacity of 6× magnification. The rangefinder enables the hunters to enjoy a 7-degree field angle and covers the field distance range of 5-650 yards, offering faster measurement with ultimate precision of +/- 1mm.

The rangefinder also comprises of LCD display with vibration and Pin sensor & slope technology. It sports the 3 modes and easy to use facility. Normal Scanning mode and distance measure mode, gold mode and speed mode. The data collected will be displayed on the LCD screen and it changes as you move.

Golf mode will show the angle and slope adjust distance along with real-time distance between the flag and golfer.

The rangefinder comes with a unique design and clear optics. It is very light in weight and easy to carry when hunting or golfing. The rangefinder also comes with 3.7v 900mAh rechargeable batteries which are built-in within the device. The display of the rangefinder also comprises of low battery indicator.

All the essential and necessary accessories are included within the package of the rangefinder and hunters would find them quite useful for hunting. It is compact in size and hence carrying it with you during hunting is very easy.


  • 3 different modes – Speed Mode, Golf Mode, and Normal Scan and Distance Mode
  • Unique design and built-in battery
  • Comes with complete accessories


  • Difficulty in using it in low light conditions

3. LaserWorks LW1000PRO Professional-Class Laser Rangefinder for Hunting

3. LaserWorks LW1000PRO

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Our Star Rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

The professional’s favorite and advance in technology, LaserWorks LW1000PRO is the professional-grade Laser Rangefinder for Hunting.

This is the most powerful and efficient rangefinder in the list that comprises of some great and effective features that are used by professional hunters. Hunters usually face issues with fog when hunting outside and this range finder is designed with fog mode which enables you to target your range even under a fog. It allows you to calculate the distance of your target even in fog and this makes it the best rangefinder for professional hunters.

Fog mode, height measurement, golf trajectory feature, continuous scanning, and auto power-off are some of the exclusivity of this rangefinder due to which it is highly preferred by hunters across the world.

LaserWorks LW1000PRO Professional-Class Laser Rangefinder has the best feature for reflective targets as it can measure up to 1600 yards with ease and this is what hunters look for when they buy a rangefinder. The lens integrated into the rangefinder come with 6 × magnification capacities and the 70.1 microwatts laser radiant power is easy and comfortable for your eyes. The rangefinder is very light in weight and compact in size too.

The continuous scanning and horizontal measurement improvise the rangefinder’s goodwill in all aspects.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rangefinder is dust and water-resistant
  • Comes with fog mode for precise measurement in foggy weather


  • The plastic case is not very durable
  • Auto-shutoff after 15 seconds can cause issues for some users

4. LaserWorks 600m Laser Rangefinder for Hunting

4. LaserWorks 600m

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Our Star Rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

LaserWorks 600m is the most useful and advanced laser rangefinder for hunters and sportsmen. The device is fully waterproof and comes with laser technology which is ideal for hunting as well as for measuring the distance for perfect shot in sailing, golfing, and also has fog mode for clear visibility in foggy weather.

There are many applications of this useful rangefinder and because of its compact size, you won’t find it challenging to carry it along with you. This best rangefinder for hunting comes with some useful specifications which you will find in another device with a higher price tag. The rangefinder is waterproof and comes with both batteries powered and solar-powered options.

The rangefinder offers you with higher precision measurement performance from 5 to 1000 yards and it can even measure distance up to 1600 yards comfortably if the target is very reflective.

The rangefinder comes with a powerful optical zoom that can magnify the lens up to 6× and offers you with lighting faster measurement readouts. The lens integrated into the device offers crystal clear viewing even in low light conditions.

The rangefinder has the 7.2 viewing angle and comprises of 21mm objective lens which can measure the distance to precision up to +/-1mm. The rangefinder is not only restricted for measuring distances but also measures speed up to 300km/hr and also comes with continuous scan measurement.


  • Fully waterproof and dustproof
  • Battery and solar-powered options
  • Easy two-button operation


  • Shuts-off automatically in 15 seconds on non-use

5. Gogogo Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting

5. Gogogo Laser

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Our Star Rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

The most affordable and efficient rangefinder in the market is the Gogogo Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting which is designed to offer you everything that you need for hunting, golfing and other pro applications with reliable quality and after-sales services. The rangefinder is designed to offer you with highest precision distance measurement and comprises the advanced functions like continuous range readings, angle range compensation, flag pole locking vibration, pin seeking and speed measurement feature.

The rangefinder comes with measuring range from 5 to 650 yards with the highest measurement accuracy of +/-1mm. The rangefinder comprises a powerful lens that has a magnification capacity of 6×. The flag pole locking feature of the rangefinder supports the distance up to 150 yards and 250 yards when it comes to aiming the pole flag when it is unfolded. The rangefinder is designed to satisfy most of the needs of users.

The rangefinder comprises of fully multicoated optic lens which is designed to reduce the reflected lights efficiently and enhance the transmission of light which offers you brighter and clear images.

The device also comprises adjustable dioptre which ensures precise focus on display. The package of the rangefinder comes with a premium carrying bag along with microfiber cleaning cloth and strap. It comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support feature.


  • Slope mode with continuous scanning
  • Flag pole locking vibration function
  • Measuring range of 5 to 650 yards


  • No rechargeable batteries and display

6. Vortex Optics Impact 850 Yard Laser Rangefinder

6. Vortex Optics Impact

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Our Star Rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

In simple terms, Vortex Optics Impact 850 Yard Laser Rangefinder is the high performing rangefinder that combines reliable and exceptional performance at a super-economical rate.

This means you can’t have any excuse to head afield without the laser rangefinder for hunting. This is a compact, yet lightweight rangefinder that is very easy to use and features the angle compensation for trees stand hunters as well as for casual range hunters looking for precise horizontal distance to the target. The rangefinder combines all the unique features and they are fully covered for life with its legendary VIP warranty including the electronics.

The rangefinder can precisely range the reflective targets up to 850 yards and offer critical distance readings suitable for shooters and hunters. It can range targets down to 10 yards when things get up close.

The rangefinder also comes with suitable 6× magnification that brings the targets closure for viewing and accurate ranging. It has fully multicoated optics that improvises the light transmission for enhanced performance in low lighting conditions. The rangefinder also offers the angle compensated HCD and LOS readings so as to meet the preferences of the users. You can set the rangefinder to read the target in meters or in yards.

It has the black LCD display that boldly stands off against the targets and its faster readout ensures that you get the required range measurement in real-time to capitalize on the target.


  • Anti-reflective lens coating
  • O-ring seals prevent moisture retention
  • Dioptre adjusts the precise focusing


  • Non-reflective target measurement range is only 400 yards

7.Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition

7. Bushnell 202208

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Our Star Rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

If you are a professional hunter looking for reliable rangefinder for your hunting needs, then Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition would be the best choice for you indeed. The compact and smart design of the rangefinder is preordained which would really amaze the buyers. Despite being lightweight mode, the rangefinder doesn’t look like the mere plastic product. This range finder is the ultimate example of the best portable rangefinder for hunting as it can be carried easily for hunting.

The rangefinder comes with a 21mm lens with a magnification capacity of 4× and it is capable of delivering precise measurement of the distance of +/-1 yard. The rangefinder comes with a camo look which is perfect for camouflage for forest settings. The waterproofing feature of the rangefinder makes it the ultimate partner for hunters in any weather condition.

This compact, lightweight rangefinder is rainproof and can be used under extreme humid settings. The rangefinder provides you precise distance measurement of targets from 10 to 600 yards and comes with brighter and crystal clear optics for measuring the distance of target in low light conditions. The rangefinder has the Class 1 laser technology with <1mW average power output.

The rangefinder also comes with an in-view LCD display that delivers you with a precise distance of the target. It also has vertical design and weather-resistant housing to provide the required protection to the device.


  • In-View LCD Display
  • Bone Collector Edition with Rugged Housing
  • Supports one-button operation


  • Magnification capacity is low than others

8. AOFAR H3 Hunting Range Finder

8. AOFAR H3 Hunting

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Our Star Rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

AOFAR H3 Hunting Range Finder is the professional-grade long rangefinder that comes with high precision measurement reading with accuracy of +/-1 yard. The rangefinder features both bow and range mode which gives you an easy option to measure the moving targets and help the hunters to make precise judgments for scoping.

The rangefinder is designed with horizontal and angle distance technology and LCD display integrated into the device show straight line distance, horizontal distance and angle distance which is automatically calculated for you. Horizontal distance reading is the real distance between you and your target.

The rangefinder allows you to measure the target in two modes – range mode and scan mode. Click the power button to measure target precisely in range mode and hold the power button for 3 seconds on target for scan mode. This scan mode is best suited for bad weather and tests small prey.

The rangefinder is designed with the latest pin technology and the product is fog proof, dustproof and weatherproof for all hunting needs. It allows you to measure the distance in meter and yard which is suitable for shooters and hunters. The rangefinder is compact and portable in size and very light in weight which makes carrying the rangefinder easier for hunters.


  • Adopted the latest pin technology
  • Fully functional range finder
  • Supports two modes – range mode and scan mode


  • Not suitable for foggy weather and low light conditions

9. TACKLIFE Hunting Laser Rangefinder

9. TACKLIFE HuntingCheck The Availability On AMAZON

Our Star Rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

TACKLIFE Hunting Laser Rangefinder is the advanced device designed with the latest technology to measure distance up to 900 yards with precision data. The rangefinder comes with continuous scan mode with a magnification capacity of 7× and has a fully multi-coated lens that provides ultra-clear and premium optics with easy readings.

It also has the adjustable dioptre which allows you to adjust the optics to observe the targets clearly without glasses. The rangefinder comes with different modes which support golf, range, speed and scan mode. It uses the advanced technology to measure targets at 900 yards with the highest precision data and it allows measure distance both in yard and meters and has versatile functions. the measuring mode of the rangefinder can be altered easily with one press of the button and it is very convenient to use.

The rangefinder comes with an auto shut-off function which will shut down the device after 20 seconds of non-use. The rangefinder also comes with an LCD display where all the data is displayed and it displays straight line distance, horizontal distance, angle distance, vertical height distance, etc.

Apart from measuring the distance, the rangefinder can also measure the speed which ranges from 0-300 km/hr with speed accuracy of +/-5 km/hr. It also has the scan mode which allows you to measure the speed and distance of the moving objects.


  • Range mode, speed mode and scanning mode all included
  • Adopted and designed with the latest technology
  • More accurate and flexible for distance measurement


  • Auto-shut off feature can be problematic for some people

10. WOSPORTS 1000 Yards Hunting Rangefinder

10. WOSPORTS 1000 Yards

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Our Star Rating:4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

If you are tired with cheap rangefinder models and short distance measurement, then settle with WOSPORTS 1000 Yards Hunting Rangefinder which is the professional-grade rangefinder which can measure up to 1000 yards with continuous scanning, and advanced speed technology and comes with a water-resistant and durable body.

This feature makes it the ultimate choice for climbing, hunting, wildlife viewing, and game watching. The rangefinder comes with scan, speed and hunt technology which offers you faster and precision measurement with +/- 0.3-yard accuracy.

It also comprises of high-end lens that displays premium and clear and multilayered optics with easy readings. The display also shows the battery meter and precision distance.

It also has a continuous measurement mode that ensures convenient and faster measurement.

The rangefinder comes with a magnification capacity of 6× and has a multilayered optical lens for ultra-clear viewing and this makes your eyes sharper like an eagle. This ensures that you always get the right measurement without any calculation errors.

The rangefinder is compact in size and ultra-light which makes it easier for you to carry it along with you. Moreover, the rangefinder is dust resistant, water-resistant, and has a durable premium shell case for protection of the device during hunting and golfing. It is the complete rangefinder package which comprises of lanyard and case and manual for quick setup of the rangefinder.


  • 6× magnification with multilayered optical lens
  • Features hunt, scan and speed technology
  • LCD display that shows battery meter and data


  • Not good for low light conditions

Below you will come across with Range Finder Hunting Reviews along with a helpful buyer’s guide for Best Rangefinder for Hunting.

The Type

Rangefinder for hunting is divided into two categories – Laser and Optical

The Type

Optical Rangefinder basically depends on marked reticule so as to enable the shooter to precisely measure the distance. They are rugged, lightweight and never rely on batteries to work. So, it is considered to be the Cheap Hunting Rangefinder in the market today.

The military rangefinder is the true optical device that acts as a spotting scope.

The laser rangefinder is the new technology that is very effective than the optical rangefinder. This rangefinder is basically the small computer that makes use of laser pulses so as to measure the distance.

It is quite effective and expensive than optical rangefinder and considered to be the Best Rangefinder for Hunting. The Best Laser Rangefinder would cost you a few dollars more, but the functions would truly outweigh the extra cost.

Highest Range

Highest RangeBow hunters usually take shot within 30 yards, but the rifle hunter usually goes beyond 600 yards for hunting. So, depending upon your needs and hunting distance you need to find the Best 1000 Yard Rangefinder or the lower version if you are a bow hunter.

No matter which rangefinder you choose, it needs to be sufficient to reach the range you are intending to target.

This is more of a concern with the laser rangefinder.

Increment Reading

This is the factor which you need to look for while buying the Best Rangefinder for Hunting, especially when buying laser rangefinder. The optical rangefinder usually makes the mark every 50 yards and more. Smaller the increment reading, the better and precise rangefinder is.

The Best Archery Rangefinder usually comes with maximum increment reading of 10 yards and it is considered to be the Best Rangefinder for Hunting.

Magnification Capacity

Here laser rangefinder excels as it helps you to reach the range on the correct target, while in optical rangefinder you will benefit more when it comes to magnification. The optical rangefinder helps you to get the best possible data about the range and this will help you to decide how to set the scope for a precise shot.

If you are looking for Best Rangefinder for Hunting with higher magnification, then ensure to settle with rangefinder that comes with tripod mount. The Top Rangefinders with higher magnification capacity usually come with tripod for stability while evaluating the range.

Objective Lens

Objective LensAll the expensive and Best Rangefinder for Hunting comes with a larger objective lens which means it makes the scope brighter. However, there is a downside as it makes the device a bit heavier and larger.

But if you are hunting at dawn, dusk or in thick forest where visibility is low, then ensure to opt for Best Long Range Rangefinder that comes with larger objective lens which would offer you better visibility and make your scope brighter for shooting.

Viewfinder Display

The optical rangefinders come with simple and basic optics. However, the advanced grade laser rangefinder comes with an LCD or LED display. The integration of the LED makes the display a bit brighter and also better on battery life.

The LED display is more adjustable which makes it easier for hunters to check the display in low light conditions. So, ensure to buy The Best Rangefinder for Hunting for the Money which comes with LED or LCD display.


The design of the rangefinder is another crucial factor to consider when buying Best Rangefinder for Hunting. Since you will be carrying the rangefinder along with you during hunting, it needs to be lightweight and compact in design. You are required to buy the Best Value Rangefinder that comes with metal casing or absorbing rubberized cover as during hunting it may slip from hands and may get damaged if proper coverage is not provided.

The inner core and lens of the rangefinder are very delicate and can get damaged easily if it is not protected properly.

Ease of Use

User-friendly devices are always the first priority of hunters as it is the nature of humans to make things as simple as possible. So, considering this fact it is suggested that you go with Best Rangefinder for Hunting that has only the necessary features and functions that you need for hunting.

While hunting you need to focus more on the desired target and distraction can’t be afforded during hunting. So, ensure to select the Best Rangefinder for the Money that has a one-handed button operation so as to avoid all the distractions from your target.


After deciding the type, it is time to look for the affordability and budget. You will come across different types of rangefinders with different pricing. There is expensive Best Rangefinder for Hunting that comes with advanced features and there is Best Rangefinder under 200.

If you want to buy quality rangefinder for hunting with fewer features than you can buy the Best Rangefinder under 100 or you may look for other Best Cheap Rangefinder. Always compare the rates and features of the rangefinder before buying one.