Understanding the Rules, Scoring and How to Play Bean Bag Toss

If games don’t have any rules, then the fun competitions would simply convert into the most heated arguments which none of us desires to have during gameplay. Even the most traditional game like corn hole has cornhole scoring rules and regulations which you must understand before yiou know How to Play Bean Bag Toss.

But playing the game is not as simple as throwing the bean bags into the board with a hole cut out. So, before setting up the board and gather your friends to play the game, you must learn the bag toss rules.

Below is a helpful guide on how to play bean bag toss game without creating any heated arguments.

Setup the Bean Bag Toss Court Dimensions

As per the American CornHole Association, the court on which the game would be played must be rectangular in size with 10 feet wide and a minimum of 45 feet long. You can check the official website of ACA to understand the dimension setup of the board.

The entire court must comprise of two boards as per the bean bag toss rules along with designated pitcher’s boxes and foul line too.

There are basically two sets of foul lines one is the open adult play and junior play for the kids under 12 years. The adult foul lines are basically the imaginary lines of 27” between the edges of each board, while the junior play foul lines are an imaginary line about 15 feet between the front of each board. The foul lines are required to be parallel to the front of both the boards and this is important to meet the guidelines of How to Play Bean Bag Toss.

Setup of Bean Bags and Boards

The board on which the game is played is usually of standard plywood material, and as per the guidelines of how to play bean bag toss, the bean bag toss boards must be of 48” long and 24” in width and at least half inches of thick.

The holes of the board must be of 6” in total diameter and cantered 9” from the top of the board and 12” from each side.

The board must also comprise of legs which would lift the top of the board to 12 inches off the ground. The board surface must be smooth and finished with latex paint so as to enable the bean bags to slide up comfortably to reach the surface.

The bean bags for tossing must comprise of stitched fabric and hard corn kernels. Moreover, the dimension of the bean bags must be of 6.25×6.25 inches, and it must not weigh more than 16 ounces in weight.

Scoring and Game Rules of Bean bag Toss Game

Singles and Doubles

Now it is the time to learn about the cornhole points and scoring rules. Just like tennis, the cornhole game can be played between two teams in singles and in doubles with two players in each team. If you are playing in doubles against two players, the team members are required to stand opposite and playing with the cornhole boards while in singles the two competitors would be playing the game by throwing the same side as each other to score.

This is the simple guidelines on how to play bean bag toss in singles and doubles.

Players on each side would throw the four bean bags at the board on the opposite side of the court, and each player throws all four bags to score.

Each time the bean bag tosses and enters the hole, they score.

After finishing the throwing of the bean bags of each team, the scores are counted, and the team that has scored higher points is declared a winner.


There are two methods of scoring in the game of bean bag toss, and it is cancellation and net scoring. In the cancellation scoring method, the points of one player cancel out the points of the opponents. This means that only one team or player can score points in each innings. As per the cornhole scoring rules, the bean bag which goes through the hole in board worth around 3 points and the bag on the board would score only 1 point.

Pitching Rotation

The player or the team which scored highest points in the last innings would get chance to pitch first in the next inning. If neither scores nor the inning is a draw, then the player who pitched last in the previous inning would pitch first in the next inning again, and the rotation continues.

This is how to rotate the pitch and how to play bean bag toss as per ACA rules.

Foul Bags

Before you start playing the bean bag toss game, it is necessary that you understand the definition of the foul bag so as to avoid the scoring debates later. As per the bean bag toss rules, you have to follow the below mentioned foul bag terms and conditions while playing the game.

  • Any bag that is pitched or made contact with or crossed the foul line is defined as a foul bag in the game. If you have started or stepped outside the pitcher box completely before the bag is released, then again it is referred to as foul bag.
  • If you fail to throw the bean bag within 20 second time limit would also be referred to as foul bag
  • Pitching on different pitcher box other than the first box
  • Bags that contacted to court or ground before touching the board
  • A bag that stuck to an earlier defined object like wire, tree limb, indoor court lining and more
  • The bean bag which is removed before scoring
  • If the bag leaves the hands of the player before the final forward swing of the delivery process
  • Bean bag that pitched or dropped accidentally by the player before the final forward swing

In all these conditions, it would be considered a foul bag. So, it is necessary you know what is foul bag and How to Play Bean Bag Toss to score more points and avoid heated arguments with the players.