8 Secret Deer Hunting Tips You Need For Deer Season

Every hunter, pro or beginner, always has room to learn when it comes to hunting deer. Even with all the latest weaponry, the task requires intense preparation and effort and deer hunting tips help in both these aspects. With the help of the followingdeer scouting tips, rookies can get a jumpstart while the professionals can bring their best game to the hunting grounds.

Even the minutest of mistake can cost hunters a kill and therefore, preparing everything that is required beforehand and keeping in mind the various tips and tricks will help them avoid any unforeseen trouble.

Drop Your Scent

One of the most common rookie mistakes is to let your scent be discovered by your prey. A deer can smell scents from far away and also the scent you leave behind on the ground and in the air.

They are highly cautious and if they catch a whiff, they might run away or not return to your favorite spots for hours or even days. Therefore, this forms one of the most important deer hunting tips for beginners; bathe with a scent-free soap or use an odor eliminator to leave behind no trace. Also, stand facing the wind to avoid any risk.

Search for the best spot

When it is hunting season, any herd of deer will become wary of incoming hoards of hunters. They tend to flee in open grounds or far away from them and therefore, selecting the appropriate spot becomes an essential requirement under deer hunting tips:

  • It is suitable to sit back and wait in an area where the herd will run towards to flee from others. With an incoming volley of targets, hunting becomes easy. Without a good spot, no deer will be spotted.
  • Explore the surrounding areas to look for empty spots. It is one of the most commonly advised deer hunting tips. Hunters should explore and find areas where a few or none of the others have trodden. Areas with the least human interference could attract a large herd and also lessens competition.
  • Sit out the day and let the other hunters scare the herd towards you. Also, it is an old saying that it is better to get lost when you are hunting. The untouched areas could be places where deer visits for feeding, mating or resting and thus, they prove ideal spots for hunting.

Get experimental

Get experimentalUse hunting tricks to lure the herd into your shooting range. Hunters could use lifelike models, scents that attract deer, bleat cans, etc. to trick the herd or individual deer into coming within the range. This is one of the most effective whitetail deer hunting tips. You can use:

  • deer feeders;
  • deer urine; and
  • other attractants, etc.

By using decoys or tricks, hunting becomes efficient and easier. It is important to bring versatility to your hunting. Except for better types of equipment, use better decoys too for more kills. Doing things differently and better than other hunters is what will get you a hit.

Set up a trap

Search for the best spotSetting up traps is easier when you are hunting in a group. The deer hunting tips can be employed for groups and individuals, both:

  • Setting up traps individually can prove to be a humongous task but with the necessary experience, it becomes easier.
  • Hunters could work together to lure or to push a herd into a corner or in a spot where hunting is easy.
  • A well-orchestrated hunting plan will require manpower and brainstorming and with the help of experienced hunters, even beginners will get their first kill easily. Therefore, setting traps along with other hunters could be useful.

Watch the weather forecastOne of the most important things that many hunters miss out on is giving due consideration to the weather conditions. If the weather is cold or rainy, make appropriate arrangements to not cause any hindrance to the hunting or the hunting traps.

Don’t overdo your spot

While deer hunting tips advise you to set up traps to lure deer, overdoing your hotspot will ruin the hunt.

Setting up the trap in the wrong place or crowding the area with too many traps will lead to failure.

Scouting should be performed with utmost perfection because if a deer leaves once, the chances of its returning drop down drastically.

As deer hunting season draws in, preparations should be made and there should be no lack of effort. While you may make some mistakes during the initial years of hunting, it is important to learn from mistakes and not to repeat them.

Make use of your vision

Make use of your visionWhile finding the right spot is suited to hunting, if it does not allow for a better and wide vision, it will prove to be detrimental. Grasslands are the most preferred areas for hunting. Vast stretches of lands with minimum trees provide better vision which aids in hunting.

It is advisable to choose a spot against the wind, behind bushes or on a tree-stand, and somewhere that provides a panoramic view of the hunting ground.

Even traps and deer hunting for dummies are easily visible to the deer in these stretches. They also provide scope for a better aim.

Make your playground

Hunters could inquire hunting land for lease by owner. These privately owned lands often remain untouched and see many herds of different animals dropping by.

During the hunting season, these lands can be leased or they could be leased for several years to increases chances of getting a kill.

By having one’s hunting ground, the killing will become easier. It also provides scope for experimentation. After getting the required experience, the same can be used in the wild to hunt for deer professionally.

Always remember the basics

The above-mentioned deer hunting tips help in improving the efficiency and chances of hunting a deer.

Hunting is more than just walking in with a loaded gun. Deer are one of the most cautious animals and are very agile. Also, with competition from other hunters, the task becomes even more difficult. Thus, by imbibing the various tips provided and utilizing the experience, deer hunting can become easier.